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Watchdog: 25 Years of Muckraking and Rabblerousing

By Bill Lueders

Foreword by Doug Moe
Author and Wisconsin State Journal columnist

List Price: Paperback, $16.95


“Bill Lueders [is Madison's] own demon dog of print journalism, an alley mutt hungry for the truth. [He's] angered cops, prosecutors and powerful politicians with his opinions and investigations. He has been fearless in the face of authority, and anyone who thinks that is easy is mistaken. It is much easier to be liked.”—Doug Moe, Madison author and columnist

“As a politician who has sometimes felt the sting of a well-placed Bill Lueders jab, I have to admit that he writes with clarity, wit and passion ... and once in a while he's even right. Bill goes fearlessly and fiercely wherever the truth takes him.”—Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz

“It’s been something of an insider secret that Madison journalist Bill Lueders is one of the best in Wisconsin. But no longer: Watchdog, which collects his wonderfully insightful and incisive commentary on politics, people and places, demonstrates just how talented, how readable, and how smart he is in guiding us through the state of our state.”—Deborah Blum, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author

About the Book
For the last quarter century, Bill Lueders has been one of Wisconsin's most prominent journalists. He's received dozens of awards for his reporting and commentary, written two previous books, and served since 2004 as the elected president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. From his perch as news editor at Isthmus, Madison's weekly paper, he has developed a reputation for being tough-minded yet fair, incisive yet funny. This collection brings together some of his best work: opinion columns, investigative pieces and some more personal writing. It's both a chronicle of recent history and a testament to a remarkable writing career.

About the Author
Bill Lueders, a native of Milwaukee, is the news editor of Isthmus weekly newspaper in Madison, and the elected president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, a statewide group that works to protect public access to meetings and records. He is the editor of a 1982 anthology of Milwaukee poets and a co-founder of The Crazy Shepherd, now the successful city weekly, Shepherd Express. Lueders (pronounced “Leaders”) has worked at Isthmus since 1986, receiving national awards for editorial writing and reporting on animal issues, and state awards for investigative reporting, legal reporting, interpretative reporting, business reporting, and column writing. He is the author of the books An Enemy of the State: The Life of Erwin Knoll and Cry Rape: The True Story of One Woman’s Harrowing Quest for Justice. He lives on Madison’s north side with his wife, Linda Falkenstein, and two much-loved dogs.

Press Release

Watchdog: 25 Years of Muckraking and Rabblerousing
By Bill Lueders
Foreword by Doug Moe
Published by Jones Books
Pub date: September 17, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9790475-5-8
304 pages, 22 b/w illustrations
Paperback, $16.95

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